Unlock your potential!

The way we work with you in the field of coaching and mentoring is characterised by helping you to help yourself. This will achieve the greatest impact on personal development.  At your request we can look at your personal as well as your professional development.

Coaching und Mentoring


Coaching can mean many things. For us it means supporting you in your individual professional development. We work focused, results oriented and discrete with you until the objectives that were set have been reached.

Clarifying our mandate is important to us, to keep the point of reference and our client's progress in sight. This also ensures a separation between coaching and therapy. Our approach combines objectivity and relationship-orientation.


The transition between coaching and mentoring is fluid. Coaching provides a short to medium term development of competence.

Mentoring offers a long term form of personal guidance. Mentoring keeps an eye on the big picture, helping for example with the polishing of already existing skills or supporting career paths beyond specific jobs. This includes your own questions about your professional identity: who am I and who do I want to be.


Our coaching and mentoring offer for individuals:

  • Individual coaching
  • Career planning
  • Life planning
  • Mentoring