In Relation: the New Brand for In Stability's Room for Relation Events

In Stability's successful concept now under its own brand

08.02.2016 , Hanover

For three years now In Stability has been inviting people to Hanover to join in a special cooperative exchange and input. The event former is called Room for Relation Event. It consists of a mixture of theory and practice, with conceptual impulses, practice-oriented presentations, workshops, dialogues in groups and in plenary sessions. Over the course of two days the participants from advanced trainings of all levels, practitioners from organisations as well as an interested specialist public work together intensively.

It is especially aimed at executives and employees, personal and organisational developers, as well as consultants and coaches. Participants of our Advanced Training Groups of relationship-oriented personal development, team development, organisational development and transactional analysis are also joining the event.

The events are inspired by selected speakers by commerce and society. The contributions and results will be documented following the sessions. They will be available as download with photos and impressions.