In Stability. Consulting in Organisational Development.

Our organisational consultancy is relationship-orientated. That's why we are concerned with both the individual perspectives of the participants and those of your organisation. It is our priority that any implementation is fully accepted in the organisation and efficient in its results. That way we ensure sustainable individual and organisational learning.


Organisations operate in an environment that is often externally influenced and constantly changing. Organisations which can handle change in flexible and productive ways will ensure a competitive advantage and are well prepared for new challenges.
With the majority of our clients the first approach happens through the description of characteristic indicators of change in their organisations, e.g.

  • problems with implementing projects or restructuring,
  • pressing cultural changes,
  • unsolved or unclear conceptual questions,
  • inefficient processes,
  • paralyzing team conflicts,
  • problems with coordination between top-level decision makers and local units,

What shows up on the surface usually has underlying cultural, structural, and process-related causes, which we will tackle together.

When change does not happen as planned or at the beginning of a (project/process?)  your first question will probably be: how can I get rid of these disrupting symptoms quickly or at least mitigate them?

Together with you we will develop an individual road map. Our working methods are versatile and always geared to your specific needs.

If necessary we will adapt the road map during the process to stay flexible and focused on the implementation.
We dissolve specific symptoms speedily to take any burdens off your organisation. At the same time we strive to enable all participants beyond the short-term solution to deal with change processes openly and autonomously and play a part in shaping them.

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