Undergoing change processes successfully

Whenever processes in your organisation do not flow effectively it can show up in various ways. Sometimes process documentation and other corresponding tools are not enough to ensure a smooth operation of the daily tasks or of a specific project.


Often projects are hindered by structural and social factors: have all roles and responsibilities of the participants been communicated clearly? Who makes the decisions? What information is needed? Are you satisfied with team behaviour and cooperation among the partipants? And does the current concept of the organisation still fit the current or future challenges of your market?

Integrated process monitoring and team development

To help your organisation adapt to changes in the marketplace we take a holistic approach  using our wide-ranging expertise as consultants. The good thing about this is that all participants see results much more quickly and the good ideas of all team members within the change process are welcomed and encouraged.


Conceptual processes are special processes. They address the strategic orientation of organisations and create a clear foundation: the organisation's values or culture. Both strategy and values are linked together, creating purpose and orientation and at the same time providing a bond for employees as well as clients.
We support you in finding suitable answers to the following as well as inviting further questions:

  • What actually is a strategy? A mission? A vision? What does that have to do with goals?
  • How can we as a team of leaders develop a clear orientation for our organisation, which can then also serve as a road map for our employees?
  • What is the heart and soul of our organisation? How do we want to interact with each other? And how are we really dealing with each other?  How can we live and model our values with integrity?


 For dealing with change processes we offer:

  • Development and implementation of concepts, guidelines, and strategies for your organisation
  • Rooting values in the culture of your organisation
  • Guiding and supporting you through processes of restructuring and change with corresponding change management measures
  • Development of your organisation's capacities for change