In Stability: Consulting for Professionals.

Your personal and professional development as a chance for self-determination

Many people experience a growing sense of strain on their lives: feeling overwhelmed, a lack of balance between work and time off, taking over leadership responsibilities on short notice, resolving conflicts of personal goals and dealing with conflicts within a team or leadership processes.

Perhaps you are wondering where your life is going, where you are in control and where you are not, where you need or want to develop more skills, or you are looking for more certainty about your personal developmental goals.

Our work with you is always determined by your goals.

That's where we start and can be measured by. We help you to find short-term alleviation in acute situations. We are focused, results-oriented and work discretely with you on achieving your developmental objectives.

Our service portfolio for professionals:

Reaching deliberate decisions

With us you learn to analyse and discuss consequences of change and how to reach deliberate decisions. This way you can match changes with necessities and work result-orientated.

Allowing distance and closeness

Keep your distance without being distant! We will show you how you can live and model attachment and relationship while at the same time still being able to reflect and confront.
Distanz und Nähe zulassen

Encouraging identification

Employee loyalty is an important building block for the success of a company. The active implementation and experiencing of values in an organisation is a crucial success factor and a prerequisite for the identification of the employees with your organisation.

Getting to the core

Meaningful change processes must be profound to make sustainable behavioural change happen. With our understanding of structures and processes as well as our proven in-depth psycho-social experience we recognize and address even underlying cultural factors.

Fast relief, long-term qualification

A wrench in the system will cost you time and energy. We promise to relieve you from symptoms quickly and mobilize your resources.

Uncovering causes & resources

It's like an iceberg. Only the symptoms of what is hindering your organisation's success or your personal development are visible, yet we will look below the surface, uncover the actual causes and empower you and your organisation.

Don't sugar-coat it!

Relevant issues and problems are often not addressed at all or not clearly specified. The result is passive resistance. That is why we rely on an honest and open discussion when implementing change.

Connect goals and needs

Many process flows are impeded by the fact that employees have trouble finding their individual needs and values reflected in the objectives of the organisation's goals. Dare to find new perspectives!

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Our clients say ...

Due to a high volume of lost sales in the market we were forced to cut back the number of our employees by about a third and, consequently, to restructure the organisation. In Stability supported us considerably throughout the restructuring of work processes and with their high degree of social consulting expertise they brought our new organisation back into unity. The result can not only be seen in a much improved climate of cooperation between all areas but also in the success in the market: we have now become the company with the highest growth in the mass market of health care and within one year have accomplished an impressive turnaround of our business despite a considerable downsizing of our organisation.
Bild Werner Lehmann
Werner Lehmann
CEO Merz Consumer Care GmbH