Advanced Training in relational Organisational Development and Systemic Transactional Analysis (TA)

New courses in the fall of 2016 in relational Personal, Team and Organisational Development, as well as Transactional Analysis (TA)

28.01.2016 , Hanover

The new courses for the fall of 2016 are now online!

In Stability offers trainig in relational organisational development and systemic Transactional Analysis. This includes the basics of personal development, of leadership and team development, as well as the development of organisations. In a curriculum that lasts three years the participants have the chance to work intensively on their own questions from the field and on their professional development.

Professional instructors who are from the field themselves and have a sound psycho-social training are guiding them. To make the start easier and to take a look around In Stability offers introductory courses in Transactional Analysis (TA-101) on a regular basis. The new courses can now be booked over the website of the Academy.