Power and Management - the Powerlessness of Power and the Power of Powerlessness

In Relation: Room for Relation Event May 12th - 13th 2016

15.02.2016 , Hanover

Welcome to the Room for Relation Event 2016: now under new logo

In Stability creates room for relation where things can happen. Once a year we invite you to a special event which we acll, accordingly, our Room for Relation Event. This year it takes place on May 12th and 13th on the topic 'Power and Management - the Powerless of Power and the Power of Powerlessness'.

This year the speakers will be the entrepreneurial couple Vivica and Philipp Bree from Hanover, the socially committed entrepreneur Hans Reitz from Wiesbaden, and the communications consultant Marcus Johst from Berlin.

As usual the program is structured in dialogue form: We approach the subject through intense cooperative exchange with input from selective presenters. On the eve of May 12th there will again be an opportunity for informal networking. Registration is now open on our website In Relation.