Dr. Korpiun joins Committee on Professional Development of DGTA

01.01.2015 , Hannover

At the end of 2014 Dr. Korpiun was elected to the committee on professional development of the DGTA (German Association of Tranactional Analysis). Every three years the DGTA's conference for instructors, which consists of registered teaching members, elects a Committee on Professional Development. Three members and the chair of the committee are elected. Those elected should preferably cover all four fields of application of Transactional Analysis (organisational development, counselling, pedagogy & adult education, psychotherapy) through their training.

Their responsibilities include the provision of instructor conferences; the involvement of instructors, certified transactional analysts and participants of professional development seminars on the topic of questions about professional development; the development of guidelines in relation to standards and questions on professional development; the planning and development of training courses and diplomas; the specifications of internal examination standards after consulting with international associations; the exchange with EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis) and ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association); as well as other responsibilities regarding questions on further education and professional development by members of the association.

Dr. Korpiun's membership means an even closer connection to the training branch of the DGTA and with it a possibility for our course participants to partake in the most recent development and its implementation in TA training.